Selling it: pitching stem cells to the credulous

Hey, have you heard of all the medical advances and research being made with stem cells? Especially the near-magical abilities of these cells to regenerate and repair many different types of body cells.  Wouldn’t you like to harness the power of Stem Cell Science to keep your hair looking shiny and youthful?

Have I got the product for you , organic hair shampoos and conditioners with Fruit Stem Cell Science.

You heard it here first you can get Fruit Stem Cell Science for your hair! Go and buy some now!

Yes. Fruit Stem Cell Science, not as in; stemcells, but as in; the company has used cells from the stems of fruits.  And of course it’s scientific, why wouldn’t it be.


Kudos to whatever warped marketing genius came up with a way to take a waste product, incorporate it into a bottle of water and various greases and oils, and spin it so that gullible people will want to get in on this new scientific development.

I am heartily sick of companies who go out of their way to mislead the credulous.  The beauty and personal care industry isn’t the only culprit by far, but they certainly do more than their fair share of prevarication, misdirection, allusion and snake oil salesmanship.  And they keep selling it at insane profits.

Apparently Apple, Grape and Argan stems when mashed into your conditioner, have miraculous results. Quoting their website

Our Advanced Results

Renew Dormant Cells
Awakens dormant cells to behave like younger healthy cells

Repair Damaged Cells
Repairs cellular damage caused by UV radiation, oxidative and environmental stress

Regenerate Healthy Cells
Protects longevity of skin and follicle stem cells for continuous regeneration at the cellular level

If the product was a medical treatment, a car, or most any other product, it would be required for the advertiser to substantiate their claims. But apparently these are all meaningless but vaguely scientific sounding words which don’t have to be defended.

Another example of meaningless words is the Tresemme TV advertisement for their hair care product which intones that it contains “Three caring, weightless oils” while a model rapturously looks at olive, jojoba, and avocado oil being artfully poured in long streams in front of the camera.  Leaving aside that the natural oil content of the product is probably less than 10%, and the amount being poured onscreen would likely do for about 120 bottles, what gets up my nose most are the “caring, weightless” nonsense words. Oil is incapable of emotion, and it is certainly not weightless (or we would have seen it drifting up into the air in the commercial, wouldn’t we?).  Absolute drivel.

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