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iPhone 5 Owners need to take action before Nov 3

Apple announced that iPhone 5 will require updating before Nov 3 or iCloud, App Store, email, web and other services will no longer work. Starting just before 12:00 a.m. UTC on November 3, 2019,* iPhone 5 will require an iOS … Continue reading

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What ports do I have on my device? Sorting out cables, USB, Thunderbolt and Firewire

USB Host ports A host is a computer or another device with an operating system, that has the ports and the OS support (and drivers) to control a USB device. Where are the ports? If it is a desktop computer, … Continue reading

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Purchase Order Fraud – Impersonation scam

Every week we receive orders and quote requests from companies, universities and hospitals all over North America, requesting expensive IT equipment. Great, right? Not really, because these are fraud artists that are trying to lure companies into sending valuable goods … Continue reading

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Is FixYa Dead? Have the scammers won?

FixYa is a site where people can post ‘how do i fix…’ questions online, and other members volunteer suggestions to solve the problem. This is similar to Quora and Yahoo Answers. While there have been debates on the quality of … Continue reading

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