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Q. What is a NAS drive and how would I use it?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.  It means any stand-alone hard drive or storage unit that is connected to an Ethernet network, and can be shared by the devices on that network. This is distinct from a USB or Firewire … Continue reading

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Routers – home and small business router vulnerabilities

We think (a lot) about keeping our computers up to date, virus free and protected with passwords. But stop and consider this: the wireless router that sits in the corner of the office and quietly handles all your WiFi and … Continue reading

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Q. Where did OCZ Technologies go? What happens to my warranty?

OCZ Technologies (OCZ Technology Group) was a leading edge producer of performance computer products – at first RAM memory and power supplies for gaming and overclocking, then they took on SSD solid state drives and abandoned the RAM and power supply … Continue reading

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New ‘NetFlix’ phishing scam

There is another variation on the bank account phishing scam – this time targetting NetFlix customers and with the potential for a lot of harm. A pop up screen or email claiming that your Netflix account has been suspended, with … Continue reading

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