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Where did the screw holes go? 8 and 10 TB hard drive mounting issue

So you’ve got your shiny new Seagate IronWolf or Western Digital Red Pro 10 TB hard drive and your’re itching to install it in your MacPro or NAS appliance.  You pull out the drive tray and grab your screwdriver and… … Continue reading

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The king is dead, long live the king – iMac Pro announced

Apple announced the release in December 2017 of the iMac Pro, a multicore Xeon based iMac all in one machine. Its hard to see this as anything other than the death-knell for the cylindrical MacPro platform – the same processor, … Continue reading

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2017 iMac machines use DDR4 memory

Apple released a refresh to the iMac lineup June 5 2017. The iMac machines are noted for their all in one desktop design with high-quality ‘Retina’ LCD screens (5K resolution on the 27 inch, 4K resolution on the 21.5 inch). … Continue reading

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