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Selling it: pitching stem cells to the credulous

Hey, have you heard of all the medical advances and research being made with stem cells? Especially the near-magical abilities of these cells to regenerate and repair many different types of body cells.  Wouldn’t you like to harness the power … Continue reading

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Q. How do I remove MacKeeper antivirus/utility for Mac?

MacKeeper (also known as 911 Bundle) is a program for Macintosh OSX from the company ZeoBIT that purports to protect your Mac from viruses and do other utility functions.  It is heavily advertised with pop up Web ads and banners, … Continue reading

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Q. My computer says it has cookies, is that bad?

Cookies are not malware. They are small text files that are written to your hard drive by your Web browser.  There will be a separate batch of cookies for each different web browser program you run (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, … Continue reading

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