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2017 iMac machines use DDR4 memory

Apple released a refresh to the iMac lineup June 5 2017. The iMac machines are noted for their all in one desktop design with high-quality ‘Retina’ LCD screens (5K resolution on the 27 inch, 4K resolution on the 21.5 inch). … Continue reading

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DDR4 memory makes its debut

DDR4 memory starts shipping for desktop machines and servers. Through the years, the DDR Memory standard has been updated to DDR2, DDR3 and now DDR4 (JEDEC Satandard JESD79-4). It’s worthwhile to note that despite sharing the DDR name, each of these … Continue reading

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Memory for the new late Apple 2014 5K iMac, Mac Mini

Apple has released a 2014 model of the iMac, with a stunning new “5K” 27 inch Retina screen.  Happily, unlike the previous Retina iMac models, Apple included upgradeable memory in this configuration. It can go to a maximum of 32 … Continue reading

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Kingston introduces USB 3.0 keychain drives

Kingston has released new USB 3.0 models of their DataTraveller USB memory drives. The USB 2.0 interface imposes limits on data transfer rates of storage media; USB 3.0 raises the bar on flash drive performance.  The drives are backwards compatible … Continue reading

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