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Selling it: pitching stem cells to the credulous

Hey, have you heard of all the medical advances and research being made with stem cells? Especially the near-magical abilities of these cells to regenerate and repair many different types of body cells. ¬†Wouldn’t you like to harness the power … Continue reading

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iPad + Wireless + portable storage = Wi-Drive

One criticism of Apple’s popular iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) is that they don’t have Secure Digital flash memory card slots. This means that to back up the data from an iOS device or to access additional data … Continue reading

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Favorite sites: Douglas Magazine and Y.A.M.

Victoria BC is home to an excellent magazine publisher, Page One Publishing, and their magazines Douglas (business) and Y.A.M. (lifestyle) are a treat. Douglas is a quality business magazine that connects local businesses and people through its in-depth articles and … Continue reading

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