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Q. What is a Retina Display?

“Retina” is Apple’s marketing name for a high resolution LCD display for smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), media players (iPod Touch) and future products such as computer monitors and iMacs. What does “Retina” mean? The term Retina refers to the assumption … Continue reading

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Q. My screen is rotated clockwise 90 degrees how do i restore this?

In Windows, turning the desktop sideways is a feature that supports monitors with rotatable screens (with compatible graphics cards and display drivers).  What probably happened is that you accidentally hit some key combinations, or your cat walked across the keyboard. … Continue reading

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Q. I have hooked my laptop to a TV/External monitor/Projector and it isn’t displaying anything

Have you pressed the key that controls screen mirroring?  On Toshiba notebooks it is usually Function F5, or consult your manual. On Windows 7, hit Windows-P  or right-click on the desktop and choose Graphic Properties. Or go into Control Panel … Continue reading

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