Favorite Sites: Life As A Human

Here is one of my favorite sites, Life As A Human http://lifeasahuman.com/ – a continual source of new ideas and challenges to indifference.

Life As A Human was started in February 2010 by some friends of mine in Victoria BC and has since spread to have over 70 writers internationally.

“Life As A Human is the online magazine for evolving minds, featuring content that talks about what it means to be human — the good, the bad … and the enlightening.

We feature intelligent, insightful writing on topics such as personal growth, insightful living, humor, spirituality, relationships, trends, and the issues that bind and divide us.

Life As A Human writers bring to light fascinating insights that reveal humanity in all its intricacies. Our writers will inspire you, sadden you, challenge you, make you laugh, make you mad — and even move you to action.”

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  1. Gil Namur says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks so much for mentioning our site and for your kind words!
    I wish you every success with your new site. If there is anyway I can help, please let me know!


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