Q: News web sites lock up every computer I’ve used, using much of it’s resources

A: Your experience is not the same as others.

Yes, news sites rely a lot on syndication, ads, dynamic content and loading content from multiple different sources. But the majority of computers do not bog down or lock up on news sites, so there are more variables at play here.

What computer? How much RAM does it have? What OS and version? What web browser and version? What news sites in particular? What internet connection and how fast?

The two most obvious things to try are to use a different web browser, and clear out your browser cache frequently.

If you use Firefox with the NoScript extension, you can control what scripts are allowed to run from which domains, and therefore selectively filter the content until you only get what you need. In general, use the latest version of the web browser, and turn off as many features and scripting as you can.

Then, look at your computer(s). Do they have sufficient resources for your OS and the programs you are running?
Its’s very common for people with 4 Gb RAM running Windows 10 or OSX 10.13+ to suffer major performance drags, whereas it may have been fine in an earlier OS. Get enough RAM.

How much multitasking are you doing (including background apps like antivirus, downloading, helpers, etc.)? The more programs and background processes you have open at once, the higher the demand for memory. Cut down on the excess.

The free utility CCleaner has a convenient tool for viewing and disabling startup processes under Windows and Mac

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