Q. What is Smart HDD and why does it say I have errors?

Do not proceed with anything!  Quit or Force Quit your browser, or it it isn’t possible to quit, shut your machine off.  Smart HDD is a scam – it is malware that mimics a legitimate repair or testing program – Usually starting from a Web page popup window, it shows you an alert that tells you you have serious problems with Windows, or you have “11 errors detected on your hard drive”, with convincing sounding names, and tells you you need to run the Smart HDD program to repair them.

If you go ahead and download and run the software, it will hide the data on your machine and blackmail you into paying $40 or more for the software to “fix” the problem.   Do not download the software or run the software. If you have mistakenly run the ‘free’ or ‘trial’ version, do not pay (sending your charge card information is an invitation to identity theft or unauthorized charges).  Instead, read these instructions how to eliminate the malware and get your files back.

Windows Recovery and family removal instructions