Q. I have a problem with my iTunes purchase, who do I contact?

If you have a problem with a download you purchased within the Apple iTunes store, such as the download didn’t work, or you were charged for multiple copies of the same item, you can address it directly in iTunes,

First you need to sign into your iTunes Store account in iTunes

Open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store by clicking the link in the left hand sidebar.

At the very top right of the iTunes window s your account name with a triangle beside it if you hover your mouse over the account name. If your account name doesn’t appear, it will say Sign In, so click that then log in

When you click the triangle, a dialog box will ask you for your password, enter the password and choose See Account Informatio, or if you have already logged in, the option under the triangle is Account

In the Account Information screen, there is an item for Purchase History. Click the See All link to the right of that.  This will list your purchases in reverse date order.  You can click the arrow to the left of any of the purchases and see the detail of that purchase. If there is a problem, click on the Report Problem button on the detail page of the purchase, and you will have a form to fill in to outline the problem you have.  Apple can then reauthorize a download, or apply a credit, or otherwise fix the problem.


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